Aero Products Research Inc.

Aero Products Research Inc. (est. 1958) was founded to meet the need for more user-friendly pilot training equipment. The success of redesigning pilot’s equipment resulted in APR becoming the leading producer of pilot’s personal equipment, aviation training systems, and publications.

APR’s products received worldwide acclaim and as a result are used extensively by general aviation and the U.S. military. The company is recognized as a quality manufacturer of pilot’s navigation equipment as well as other non-aviation products.

While innovating the manufacture of aviation products, APR phased into the production of printed plastic promotional items and point-of-purchase products. APR’s understanding of its client’s needs allows the company to take each project from concept through design to finished product and has led to the recognition of the company as a leader in its field. With 50 years of continued strength in research, development, and manufacture, APR provides the production knowledge for top quality products combined with excellent service at competitive prices.

During APR’s growth, the company invented unique machinery designed specifically towards cost effective manufacturing. To meet the increasing demands for aviation training and promotional products, four additional divisions were formed:

• APR Pilot’s Training Equipment
• APR Industries Custom Products
• “Getting Started Information”
• APR Automated Machine Design